Water Cooled Computer

Water Computer


Mathematical Physics #2

Many nights were lost in the computer lab working on “Math-Phys” homework in Maple.


Car Accident

For a friend of mine who got into a car accident.  This lightened her mood I think.  She swears it wasn’t her fault.

Innertube Water Polo

Intramural sports in college offered inner-tube water polo.  Having played actual water polo in high school, I found this to also be a blast; worthy of a paintbrush artwork.

Idiot Driver #2

Number 2 in the series of Idiot Driver Moves.  This one happens right when I’m close to home…

Idiot Driver #1

Drives me nuts when people think that this “speeds things up for everyone”.

Mathematical Physics

My Mathematical Physics course resulted in many late nights in the computer lab working on homework.  I didn’t look upon it kindly.